New to-go containers on Monday September 5th!

The Vegan Cafe is excited to announce that as of Monday, September 5th will offer Eco-friendly sugar cane containers replacing the styrofoam to-go containers.  We have wanted to offer an Eco-friendly option for our to-go and leftover containers for a long time but the exorbitant prices have made it impossible to make the change. After conducting an informal survey, customers expressed that they would rather pay a small fee for the container instead of contributing to the styrofoam in our landfills.  Our new sugarcane containers will break down naturally without harming the environment. 
Beginning September 5th, customers will have the option of bringing in their own containers or paying $.25 cents for each large container and $.20 for each small container. This fee does not cover the entire cost but does keep the costs similar to what we were paying for styrofoam.  We want to make this a direct fee instead of raising the cost of the food so those who want to bring in their own containers won't be affected at all and for those who do have to pay it will only be a minimal fee. This is an exciting step forward for the Vegan Cafe as the environment is important to all of us! 

To-go container